Best Of BALI TRAVEL VLOG I Liburan di Sanur!!

Hi~ we just registered to Maya Sanur so this is our room and we are going to show you the room visit please alright, so this is the overhang, we will begin here the view is so delightful, we additionally got a private pool now, we will show you the room come in this is the room it has a smaller than normal parlor we got a couch and a welcome cake from them and furthermore a kite to play with Aiden later

this is the bed the view at the back is so tropical feel it is covered by a glass and we can close the drape too what’s this? down is it this one? alright, they additionally got a little table here we can accomplish our work here is an espresso machine you can make espresso with this and the most excellent part is the washroom gone ahead Ta-dah! They got a bath here the view

is excellent, you can legitimately observe the pool and the sea shore this is so unwinding and there is my name, see Molita here is the latrine section a closet too and what I truly like is they put a great deal of mirrors here it truly causes when I have to take a few pictures, I love reflects here are the latrine and shower space that is it for the room visit OK, angel, stop it or they will see my strangeness so the

resort is before Sanur sea shore you can appreciate dawn toward the beginning of the day all in all, how’s your inclination first time in Sanur OK, this spot is truly pleasant they got a pool and bath that face the sea shore, what a decent view so this room is called Heavenly Pool Suite so it’s truly similar to paradise on earth, is it? the room is truly wonderful present day with the dash of nature and jungles thus,

we are so appreciative to be here and we will have our supper right? we are once again at the inn, the Japanese café has nice food it tastes genuine and shockingly all that we requested taste great Babe, what’s your opinion on the supper quite recently? it’s scrumptious, I love the wasabi frozen yogurt particularly the salmon, it was so new it’s uncommon to discover new salmon and the

surface is so fine Aiden additionally made the most of his food Aiden ate the miso ramen so that is our supper we love it and I think Aiden is worn out as of now I think he is drained You appreciate the supper? Better believe it so we will clean up now and we’re going to have our family assembling Okay Semua Baik – Jeffry S.Tjandra So our morning meal is here Look so yummy yet I think it has chill off since we spent excessively

time taking pictures darling, how is the inclination? First gliding breakfast this is so delightful and the food is intriguing too investigate, I figure it will taste great so photogenic truly instagramable the food taste great definitely it’s great Hey, folks, we went to Maldives previously yet this experience is truly fun so we don’t generally need to go similarly as different nations to

appreciate the excellence of going in Indonesia we have a great deal of astonishing spots for voyaging this is really stunning, we must be thankful we live in Indonesia, right, darling? Much obliged to you so much Maya Sanur for welcoming us We are simply making the most within recent memory right currently close to the eatery Hello sibling Hi folks, it’s my first heading off to this sort of pool Okay, great morning folks, we just had our delightful breakfast so now

we need to impart to you other room types in this hotel we will give you room visits and the cost so you have an outline of this retreat which space to pick and furthermore the value trust it is helpful for you who realizes you may discover a space for yourself here alright, we should go Okay, so we will look at soon, 2 days passed by so quick did you have a ball? no doubt you appreciate

this retreat? better believe it what do you like most about this retreat? pool you like the enormous pool? no doubt what else? Long pool the long pool the huge long pool definitely I neglected to swim and you additionally like the Japanese noodles right? in this way, uh oh so that is it we truly appreciate

the retreat so on account of Maya Sanur for welcoming us to Heavenly Ocean View Suite and we trust this video is useful for you too trust this can be your reference and you can visit Bali before long buy in to our channel click the like catch in the event that you need to see our video again bye Bye~ Yeay, great job come here, prepared consistent Ready consistent get down Get down alright how about we go.

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