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Julian Yee! Jeongdongjin, Annyeonghaseyo!(Hello, Jeongdongjin!) Let’s accomplish something insane at this point. It’s a ski heaven at Gangwon Province in Korea. It’s so much fun. Any place we go, individuals are taking a gander at us. We should be beguiling and lovely in their eyes.

Jal meokgesseumnida (Let’s dive in). This is so new. Wah, Badada! (It’s ocean!) On this outing, Julian Yee and Iwill be circumventing Gangwon Province, Korea, Gangneung and Pyeongchang in Korea. It’s brimming with fun and amazements. Gangwon Province in Korea is a placeto appreciate where we will relish each experience.

This will be an important excursion in my life. This year-end, I’m going to Pyeongchang in Gangwon Province, Korea. The thing you should do in Korea is, obviously, skiing. I’ve welcomed a professional skater. He’s likewise the travel industry minister of Gangwon Province, Korea.

So it can’t turn out badly with him being the local area expert. Hello Julian. Greetings. – Welcome back. Do you come here for training when you’re back from Canada? Indeed. This was the place where I began. Without this spot, I wouldn’t be the place where I am today. So you would come here to skate without fail, recollecting those training minutes previously. You were shipped off Korea for preparing when you were 12.

How could it occur? It was a program called the Korean Dream Program. This program was for nations that had no colder time of year season. A nation like our own. – Yes. To allow you to encounter winter sports. I was fortunate to take an interest in the programas a Malaysian agent. Consistently, I rehearsed at the opposition venuefor the Winter Olympics.

I wish I can return to that place for rivalry one day. You returned. You returned as the main Malaysian professional skater agent to the Ice Arena for Olympics. Guess what? Why not show me how to skate? Obviously.

– I can do it. Is it accurate to say that you are certain? – Please snatch your ice skates. OK, I’ll do it now. Hang on. – You can do it! Incredible, I can stand. We should walk. Walk? – Step by step, hang on. Hang on. Set up your feet. Together. Truly. At that point approach slowly and carefully.

Like walking. Did you learn it a similar way? – Yes. You have to discover your equilibrium, at that point… This is to discover the equilibrium point. – Yes. He says we have to discover the equilibrium point by walking. Truth is stranger than fiction. How would you float regularly? Would you be able to show me? Like this, bit by bit. At that point I will push my leg back, so my body pushes ahead. We have to bring down our focal point of gravity.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Shrewd! You’re really amazing. I came here once per week. This spot? – Yes. At that point, two times per week when I was 7. From that point onward, it became three, four, five times… And afterward, it turned into consistently. Consistently? – Yes. What about school? Normally, I’d come here at 6am. After training, I’d go to class.

After school, I’d go for educational cost, and afterward, I’d be back here. Back here for training once more? – Yes. What propped you up for as far back as decade or thereabouts? What’s your obsession? I need to develop myself and arrive at a certain rank,and continue onward. To make a scramble to the higher positions.

– Yes Initially, you may have invested a great deal of energy rehearsing. Yet, when you arrive at the objective, that is your accomplishment. OK, I’ll show you the genuine speed in ice skating Are you prepared? – Let’s do it. It’s pleasant. – Is it decent? Unexpectedly, I felt the breeze in my face. I thought there wouldn’t be any wind. This year-end, I’m going to Korea. I intend to go Pyeongchang in Gangwon Province, Korea.

I ought to bring you along. Kindly show me around. Obviously. Since we’re going, we should go to the Ice Arena where the opposition occurred. That is to say, I can go to your figure skating rivalry scene? Where thePyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games was held. I’m all set with you.

Am I qualified to skate there?

Do I get an opportunity to skate? You need to ask the individual in control there. I am not qualified to favor that. All things considered, I’ll register with your name. So I can skate there. I’m anticipating this excursion. I’ve never been to any nation during winter. Furthermore, I heard the temperature will be as low as – 20 degrees in winter. I don’t know whether I can take it. Be that as it may, when I take a gander at the itinerary,it is pressed with loads of fun exercises.

Regardless of how cool it is, I want to have some good times neglected. At long last, I am here in Korea. Seoul has its very own novel culture. There are numerous vacationers wearingtraditional ensembles on this road. We can comprehend a spot wellfrom the nearby food when we are voyaging. Truly, food.- I have a rundown of food that I need to eat.

I need to eat something, what would it be a good idea for me to eat?

I need grill, Tteokbokki, Samgyetang. For our first feast in Korea, how about we go for Samgyetang. Is it accurate to say that you are certain? At the most renowned café? – Yes, it’s extremely well known. I am certain this is a decent one. Great. – I won’t not be right. I truly love Samgyetang. I carried her to an excellent eatery. We’re here. This is the spot for Samgyetang. The exceptionally old conventional Samgyetang .

Do you see that? There’s a chicken there. You know you’re at the opportune spot when you see that chicken. How about we meet the chicken. It’s cold outside, yet this steaming hot soupmakes me feel so great. it feels so great here. Samgyetang isn’t just served throughout the colder time of year season, yet you can have it the entire year. All in all, we can appreciate this each season? – Yes. Numerous years prior, it was just served to the sovereign.

Just for rulers? In any case, presently, everybody can appreciate it. I can hardly wait to attempt it. Its flavor is so rich. – It’s so delectable. The soup looks flat. In any case, it’s so flavourful. Truth is stranger than fiction. – It tastes so rich. That soup is magnificent. It’s so rich with flavor. It doesn’t possess a flavor like this in Malaysia. Samgyetang is excellent for competitors. It’s useful for competitors since it’s nutritious. – Yes.

It can recharge one’s energy. – Yes. This is glutinous rice. The glutinous rice is overflowing with flavors as it has been cooked for quite a while. Let me attempt it. Is it acceptable? The glutinous rice is overflowing with flavors. It is very much cooked. The surface is delicate with no uncooked grains and it has completely consumed the soup. The surface is smooth. It’s acceptable. We’ve to complete the whole ginseng.

It’s supporting. Ginseng is Korea’s claim to fame. In this way, Samgyetang is one of Korea’s conventional food. It doesn’t taste harsh by any stretch of the imagination. – Not by any stretch of the imagination. It’s mixed and smooth when we bite on it. It doesn’t have the harshness that will make you let it out. Truly, how about we finish it while it’s actually warm. It would chill off soon. Let me finish the soup. It’s great. You should attempt Samgyetang when you come to Korea.

Did you hear something? It’s the hints of drums. – Yes. As my first time in Korea, there are numerous vacationers here to see the Royal Guard-Changing Ceremonyat Gwanghwamun Gate. It will begin soon. They have begun strolling. There’re two moves every day.

What we are seeing presently is the second move of the day. They have such a genuine appearance on their countenances. It’s a grave function. Their way of life and convention are so very much safeguarded. It resembles watching Korean dramatizations. In spite of the fact that it’s crisp here, they are playing out the service truly for us to see more about Korean customary culture.

I think the outfits speak to their positions. It implies various positions. – Yes. You should not miss this in Korea. Other than getting a charge out of the food and having some good times here, we ought to likewise comprehend their custom and culture. It would make this a more significant outing. We can enter the spot now. How about we go. Subsequent to entering through Gwanghwamun Gate, we show up at Gyeongbokgung Palace.

The Royal Palace, was the place where the heads played out their obligations. How about we go in. Thump. – Geunjeongjeon. This is on the grounds that we have to enter the spot. I trust the watchmen won’t come after you. Take a gander at the floor. It’s not level. It’s lopsided. This is so when the head watches out from the royal residence, the floor would mirror the glarefrom the daylight if the floor is even.

The floor was fabricated lopsided to preventthe astonishing glare from the daylight. What a good thought from antiquated time. This is Geunjeongjeon. Geunjeongjeon. It intends to govern with perseverance. Rule with adoration for the individuals. It’s anything but difficult to tell this was the place where the sovereigns called for court. Indeed. – This is the Dragon Throne. The roof is so high. There are countless… Carvings. There are numerous plans.

A variety of carvings. After the visit, you would understandmore about Korean history, how prominent they were,and who was the most well known sovereign. All things considered, Sejong the Great was the fourth-age ruler. He was one of the profoundly respectedKorean sovereigns ever. Not just he represented the nation well,but he was additionally a creator. Their letters in order, the Korean letter set was designed by him. The figures situated around the castle represents the watchmen of the royal residence.

They are models of various creatures. For Koreans, these creatures representdifferent levels of insurance. There’s a feline just as different creatures. Indeed, they encompass the castle. This castle is extremely extraordinary. This is an occasion space. Numerous occasions were held here. Merry festivals also. – Yes. For instance, customary celebrations. Everybody will assemble and feast together here.

The setting additionally served conciliatory emissaries. Assembling and eating. It’s such a significant scene. It’s called Gyeonghoeru Pavilion. Gyeonghoeru Pavilion. It’s colder time of year now, the lake is solidified at this point. – It’s solidified. At the point when it snows, the rooftop would have layers of day off it would be such delightful landscape. Tragically, not presently. Want to see it shrouded in snow when I come here once more.

– Yes. We should go there. Gyeongbokgung Palace is enormous. In the event that you take a decent visit and take a gander at all the subtleties, you can go through the whole day there. Here we are, Apgujeong Rodeo Station Exit number 7 This is the exit to K-Star Road. We should search for a spot called Gangnamdol Haus. I’ve never been here,I don’t know which bearing we should make a beeline for. Gangnamdol Haus would have all the data.

Data on maps? Here’s Gangnamdol. Gangnamdol as in Gangnam style? Ko

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