You DON’T buy AirPods yet!!

The AirPods Pros are, in my opinion, the gold standard for anyor wireless earphones. But that doesn’t meanthat you should buy them. Let’s expand our horizons today and take a look at seven alternatives from the industry’s top brands to find the best option for those of you who just can’t bring yourself to join … Read more

Forced-air Furnaces: The What, Why, and How!!

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Welp, winter heating season is quickly approaching (in the northern hemisphere anyway) which means that many of us are firing up our heating systems for the first time in many months and hoping for the best. Have you ever wondered why your furnace makes the noises that it does? And how come it seems to work in distinct steps? … Read more

iPhone 11 – iPhone12 – iPhone 11 Pro-One Year Later!!

i phone 11

Hi everyone Aaron here for Zollotech and iphone 11 has been out for a little bit over a year   and so i wanted to share my overall experience with it talk about its durability battery health   battery life and if you should still pick one up now that it’s 20 20 and we’re getting close to the   launch … Read more