Drone with 1080P HD Camera (REVIEW) Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC!!

okay folks today we’re going to talkabout another robot so remain tuned to the introduction what’s up my name is doug the beardedoutdoorsman welcome to another video in the event that you appreciate facial hair item surveys gearreviews open air gear, at that point you have gone to the opportune spot pleaseconsider hitting that buy in button on the off chance that you haven’t alreadyand remember to hit the approval for this video alsoget over and look at my site thebeardedoutdoorsman.

comover there I have rebate codes reports on some videosthat sort of thing so you can get over and look at that so todaywe will discuss another robot that I picked upfrom heavenly stone so we have gotten this robot totry out and in the event that you have been following my channel for a little while you realize I did a survey of another blessed stone robot

I will put that card uptop and you can go watch that video outthere’s really a three section video for that dronethere was one that was the audit one that wasvideo film from that drone without a sd card and one with a sd cardquality is somewhat unique so you can go check those recordings outso this one is the hs110d OK so I picked this terrible kid upoff of amazon and needed to

test it out number one theprice and number two a portion of the featuresuh we’re not going to go over each component it has today becauseuh I haven’t had it long and yet i’ve messed with it i’m going to giveyou my suggestion if you should pick one of these up dependent on theprice and a portion of these highlights that i’vetried out we’ll we will

do a development reviewsimilar to that other blessed stone robot so a portion of the highlights that thisdrone has let me get to my cheat sheet it has a 1080 hd camera 120 degreewide point focal point a gravity sensor voice control gesturecontrol elevation hold headless mode doesflips it accompanies two batteries every one of them have around a 10 moment runtime we’ll talk

about that in no time flat it doeshave a space for a miniature sd card anyway it doesn’t accompany one you will haveto get one of those different and it tips the scales at 145 gramsso we should take a gander at it this is the thing that comes in the container all rightso i will reveal to you several aces andcons things that I like and things that imaybe despise so how about we start with the distant

control one of thethings that I truly like about this remoteis it accompanies this card on it now this truck it gives you can take itoff you can leave it on yet it’s simply somewhat cardboard cardi took it off so I could add the telephone mount sothe it gives you everything mentions to you what each buttoncontrol does and afterward it reveals to you invalid and stuff the ones that don’t doanything so great

I like the nature of thiscontroller it’s not it doesn’t feel very too modest nowbefore you put batteries in it you’re going to gothis is a truly modest regulator yet it does takefour twofold a batteries they are excluded butit feels like a quality regulator OK the antennadoes not move it doesn’t set down or anything likethat it is there and your telephone

holder you really have tounscrew this and put it on and it changes like so uh it fit myiphone 11 with an otterbox case on there so it might ormay not fit your telephone as per what size it issee everything simply essential alright I do like this versus the regulator for myother

blessed stone robot it gives a great deal ofdifferent choices here that light up and you can change the speed on thisyou have four distinctive speed alternatives so nextthese are the batteries they come in like this and they justslide into the rear of the robot you do get prop watches you get extrafeet you get additional propellers and you get a charging link so this isthe drone not genuine huge I

mean it is sitting in the palm of myhand OK it is extremely lightweightand your batteries go in on the off chance that I can do it theright route go in here and simply click inso like my other sacred stone robot uh it has lights on all fourand it’s exceptionally manufactured fundamentally the same as my otherholy stone robot aside from the feet don’t only comeoff without a screwdriver the propellers do

not fall off without ascrewdriver so it makes it packable uh not as packable as the greater droneyour camera is mounted on here so you see the camera thereand simplicity of flying this robot istotally worth the cash I neglected to make reference to one more thingmy just well I surmise another con that I haveabout this is to charge the batteriesyou need to place it in the

robot and plug the robot in OK there is acharging port here that you plug into to charge it butother than that this is truly enjoyable to fly now the main thingmine won’t do it says it does flips however every time I attempted to do a flipit smashed it got topsy turvy and it went directly to the ground it did notcomplete the flip that is the reason there’s a tad of dirtstill on the propellers

however, it flies super easystraight out of the crate let me reveal to you batteries camewith a tad of a charge straight out the container and it was incredibly simpleto get it off the ground the day it came in the mailso you click a battery in like so you take your distant we turn the droneon first i’ll show you how basic this isso you press your capacity button there and you’vegot

your lights blazing then you take your remoteturn your distant on we are blazing lightsand then you take your joystick and go up downthen our lights have changed tones now there is a traditional here on thevery base that says re-sync and you hold that button downfor like two

seconds and it’ll blare and when it does yourstatus light remains strong and your lights you are prepared tofly extraordinary incredible little robot it doesn’t have gps anyway it does havealtitude hold since it’s so light it doesn’t do verywell in solid breeze perhaps a light breezeit will be fine and yet generally this is a truly fun robot to fly I canpromise you i’ve had it for several days and I havei’ve

revived these batteries a couple timesbecause it is simply so enjoyable to fly and one key take off speed control soif in case you’re a renewed individual flying robots you can pull that speed downto the least speed and you can see hereyou have our speed control so it’s on the most reduced one and you cancrank it up to four and it will it will scat at uhspeed number four however it is simply truly coola truly

great robot 60 bucks you can’t turn out badly for it on the off chance that you know someone whowants to evaluate flying a robot I profoundly energetically suggest the sacred stone110d it is only a flat out astounding little winged creature and we will do afollow-up video since I need to discuss this little camerai had the opportunity to test it out and give it a shot i have another application I need to downloadfor this that doesn’t work with

my other sacred stone dronebut i’m going to download that application and test out the cameratest out the nature of that camera both still shots and recordings and return andlet you all know so be looking for that videoalright folks well that is it until next timestay whiskery get outside and god favor you.

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