iPhone 11 – iPhone12 – iPhone 11 Pro-One Year Later!!

Hi everyone Aaron here for Zollotech and iphone 11 has been out for a little bit over a year   and so i wanted to share my overall experience with it talk about its durability battery health   battery life and if you should still pick one up now that it’s 20 20 and we’re getting close to the   launch of the iphone 12.

and so the first thing is it’s durability now the iphone 11 has been   pretty well managed and maintained meaning i use a case with it most of the time   now it’s a little bit backward from what i do with most phones as i want to do something a  

little bit different so i use the apple silicon case or silicone case and this was actually   working really well you’ll see it’s held up pretty well the case doesn’t really have any issues   but the phone has been kept perfect because of it even though it has a bottom that’s open   it’s actually held up really really well so no issues there the frame is in great shape and for  

most people unless you drop your phone a lot the frame is going to hold up just fine it’s aluminum   on the iphone 11 and it seems to be pretty durable overall i have no scratches on the camera lenses  

which is really good of course that would be really bad if you had scratches but it seems to   hold up well even just setting it down on a table like this no issues there however the display   will scratch very easily in fact i showed that in my iphone 11 pro max video so as you can see my 11   pro max has a bunch of scratches right here and to make for more durable glass when dropping it apple  

changed the formulation or really corning did with gorilla glass they changed the formulation   of the glass to make it more durable when being dropped however it’s more prone to scratching   and so the iphone 11 was one of the phones i actually just put a screen protector on right  

away to prevent any of those issues and so the screen protector is preventing scratches and   even before i put the screen protector on there are some very light scratches on here and i think  

that’s just because well it’s the way this glass is it’s durable when being dropped and it’s not   durable when hitting different objects now this is the number one phone i see most people carrying  

not necessarily this green color but rather just iphone 11 in general if they upgraded to a phone   i know a lot of people are going to complain about the display resolution being between 720p and   1080p but the majority of people just don’t care unless you’re into tech specs and have to have the  

best in fact with this display you can’t see the pixels it’s above 300 pixels per inch and that’s   above retina so as long as you’re holding it about a foot and a half away you can’t see the pixels  

at all even if you bring it up close you can’t see the pixels and so when you’re watching youtube you  

can still watch in 1080p and so here is my video from the other day with the apple event update   and as you can see you have the option for 1080p now you won’t have 4k and it seems like youtube  

has removed that ability anyway but basically this display is closer to 1080p and it will just scale   it so you’ll be able to see all of that quality with the bitrate of 1080p scaled to this display   so most people aren’t bothered by that also you get one advantage with this display is the lack  

of pwm or pulse width modulation the way this display actually controls the brightness this   is an lcd display and liquid retina as apple calls it but that’s really because of these corners here   but this particular display doesn’t flash to control brightness it’s always on and it’s  

not blinking constantly and while you can’t see that on an iphone 11 pro max with an oled display   it’s just not present at all on the iphone 11 or the iphone 10r which has a similar display   so it’s nice and bright it goes really bright it won’t bother your eyes so if you suffer from  

headaches or light sensitivity the iphone 11 won’t bother your eyes and so i recommend it to a lot of   people that have those issues in fact one in 10 are bothered by the pwm or the the flickering   display there’s many monitors that are made that have anti-flicker displays for this reason 

  and so this particular display doesn’t have that and it’s best for people with sensitivity to light   or flickering displays so it’s really great for that it goes nice and bright like i said and i   think it’s the best lcd display out there next to maybe the pro display xdr monitor that apple has  

now as far as the speakers well the speakers are quite good as well let me go back to my   video here and i’ll turn it up and let me move my microphone so you can hear   them after a year they’ve held up well it’s an object view now you can’t see it because i’d  

have to hold my phone vertically but if you tap on this you’ll see this sort of circles and so the overall quality of the speakers is great you’ve still got that stereo quality sound   and i haven’t had any issues with the speakers distorting or anything like that they will distort  

a little bit at high volumes but that’s true of just about any speaker just back it off a little   bit and you’ll be fine but they haven’t degraded over a year i’ve carried this with me along with   the 11 pro max just about everywhere i go as it’s brought with me for video reviews and things like  

that and it seems to be holding up well and as far as the cpu and processor and the way it holds up   when using ios 14 there’s been no issues in fact i would say it’s maybe even a little bit faster with  

ios 14 as far as its smoothness and scrolling through things going through different menus   and it just seems to be nice and fast so you’re not really going to have any issues there   one area where you may have a few issues has to do with the battery and ios 14 has been a little bit  

buggy with battery in fact apple acknowledged this and said to completely wipe the phone and restore   from a backup if you’re having major issues and so that’s not the greatest fix hopefully we’ll see a  

software update to fix that later on and this is a phone where i use it a lot just to play around   with different ideas on the home screen when i was coming up with my how to customize your display   video i use this phone to play around with that to make sure i understood how it worked properly   before i taught you how to do the same thing and so this phone is not heavily used but it seems to  

be holding up well so you’ll see that after a year my battery health is going to be a hundred percent   because it’s not my main phone but if i switch over to the phone that i do use full time let me   show you the battery health there so on my iphone 11 pro max that’s used every single day i have 94  

battery health after a year that’s charging it every night overnight and   leaving it on a wireless charger and i don’t use a case on it so it doesn’t have any heat issues   and it seems to hold up well apple says 80 after two years is normal so if you have 90 or better  

you’re doing really well so i would expect the same capacity out of this and of course as it   degrades over time this is true of any battery so if you have an android phone or an older iphone   even if it’s not showing you this it’s still degrading over time and after a while you’ll  

eventually need to replace the battery a few years is pretty normal before having to swap the battery   but a lot of people upgrade their phone at that point but battery life in general will get you  

through nine hours usually no problem in fact using it regularly you should get through the   day without a problem of course you could fast charge it if you have a fast charger but they   never included that in the box for some reason and it looks like they’re not going to include it with   iphone 12 but in general it seems to be holding up really well in fact i have no complaints and  

this is the phone i recommend to most people that aren’t tech enthusiasts it seems to be the phone   that’s reliable it’s not as expensive you save a bunch of money and you get great cameras in fact  

my iphone 11 pro max video was recorded on an 11 pro and the quality of the camera is top notch   especially for video you’ve got 4k 60 video if you want it see if we we’ve got 4k 30 selected now  

but you have 4k 60 if you want it in the settings so if you go over to your settings here and then we go over and down to camera wherever that is i can never find it i wish they’d just   make all the settings in the app but you do have the option for 4k 60 if you want it so you can   switch over to that have that for slo-mo and then you’ve got the advantage of the newer processor  

in this as well doing all of the computational photography and videos and this is a phenomenal   phone for video the same camera that’s in here and the sensors are basically the same in the 11 pro   and the 11 pro max so you’re not really missing out you’re just missing an additional telephoto  

lens and so you’ve got a great camera system here and i can highly recommend this for someone that   wants to use it just for recording video or even maybe vlogging here so it seems to be great with  

that as you can see here there’s no problems the quality is great again we’ve got 4k options on the   front facing camera and it looks great you can use it for facetime for web calls whatever you want  

and it really holds up well to that so i have no complaints about this whatsoever but the real   question is this year if you don’t already have an iphone 11 or maybe you do should you upgrade   to an iphone 12 because that’s going to introduce a new design and maybe a new display now there’s   a couple reasons to say yes you should upgrade and a couple to say you shouldn’t this is a prototype  

non-functional iphone 12 unit that gives you an idea of the squared off edges and what it should   look like the camera bump may look a little bit different but the 11 is supposed to have   a similar size display but have a squared off look so you’re going to gain a more squared off look  

i don’t know that you’ll have three cameras but you’ll gain a squared off look and possibly an   oled display it looks like apple’s going to get rid of the lcd display and again like i mentioned   earlier if pwm bothers your eyes well you’ll want to wait and just keep your iphone 11 and   not upgrade because that will probably bother your eyes unless apple introduces some new technology  

where that’s not an issue now the other thing too maybe you’ll get some better battery life   with the iphone 12 when it releases and you will get a faster cpu but that’s really not an issue   on the iphone 11.

you’re not going to have any of those slowdowns it’s just fast all the time like   i said so no issues there it has great cameras and if you’re looking for an iphone 12 well certainly   you could swap it if you’re on the yearly plans or anything like that but if you’re sensitive to   light and things you may want to keep your iphone 11 and this phone is a tank it should last for  

years as long as you’re not very careless with it and dropping it into water constantly or mud   or onto concrete or anything like that if you take good care of your phones expect it to last for   years so yes i still recommend it even once the iphone 12 comes out it will be for specific people  

the camera is great most people aren’t going to have an issue with that whatsoever and just in   general it’s a great phone and i highly recommend it to many people still but i’d love to hear from   you in the comments below do you have an iphone 11 do you have a different phone or are you going to  

be upgrading to this or maybe the iphone 12 also i would expect when the iphone 12 comes out for the   price to lower on the iphone 11 and maybe they’ll keep that around and get rid of the iphone 10r so   it seems like if they do what they’ve done every year once the iphone 12 comes out the iphone 11  

will lower in price by one or two hundred dollars and you’ll get a little bit of a discount or maybe   even get a discount through your carrier to buy one get one free oftentimes you’ll see deals like   that with older phones so you may want to get one of those if you’re looking for it otherwise  

if you have one hang on to it if not let me know what you’re planning to upgrade to next if you’d   like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course i’ll link it in the description like i normally do   and if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please   give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron i’ll see you next time you.

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