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Hi, my name is Maria Meehan and I’m an Associate Professor of Mathematics in the   School of Mathematics and Statistics. I’m also Head of Teaching and Learning for the School.   In this video I’d prefer to converse with you about the Mathematics and Mathematics related degrees that   are offered through DN200 Science, and furthermore about the Mathematics and Statistics and related degrees

offered through the BA DN520 and the BSc Social Sciences DN700. It very well may be truly overwhelming knowing   what it is that you need to learn at university, but I generally express a decent spot to begin is what   do you appreciate doing? What subjects make them enjoyed doing at school?

This discussion is truly focused on you   in case you’re the kind of individual who says “I just love Maths, that is it, I love Maths” or to be sure, “I   love Maths, however you know what, I’m very interested in Science like Physics or Chemistry or Biology” or “I truly like Maths yet I’d prefer to end up in the business world,

I love Economics   or I love Accounting that is simply the region I’d like to find in” or for sure “I like Maths yet I like   another subject like English or Geography or Music or whatever” or – and this is a smidgen different -“I truly like Maths and I’d prefer to be a Maths teacher”

thus, in case you’re one of these   individuals, on the off chance that you have one of these personality types, at that point I figure this discussion may be for you.   So one of the degree programs that really addresses a great deal of the character types   that I just talked about is DN200 Science and there are three, kind of, principle regions in

in DN200 Science. There’s the Mathematical,Physical and Geological Sciences -and the majority of the degrees I will converse with you about are from that point, yet we additionally have some Teacher   Education degrees in the Chemistry and Biological pathways also.

I summed up DN200 as being one   path in – as in one code on the CAO structure – however 27 different courses out, 27 distinctive degree programs. So the degree programs inside DN200 Science that I need to discuss are recorded here. Just to take note of that the focuses in 2020 for DN200 were 533, and for any of these projects here we   truly suggest that you have a H3 or higher in Leaving Certificate Maths.

Let me talk about   the initial four – so the BSc in Mathematics or Statistics, or Applied and Computational   Mathematics or Financial Mathematics. Presently you might say well, I didn’t do Applied Maths at school or   and I don’t know which of these I’d like to study, and there I would simply request that you please – there is no compelling reason to stress.

In First Year you will do modules from these zones and in reality you   can pick your modules so that in First Year, and in fact Second Year, you can just   concentrate from these pathways. Also, I promise you by the time you get to the furthest limit of Stage Two, if not   Stage One indeed, you may have a truly good idea of which zone is appropriate for you on the grounds that

you’ll have examined them top to bottom. We additionally have five diverse starting Teacher Education programs. So we have a BSc in Science, Maths and Education, where Science can be supplanted by Applied Maths  or Biology or Chemistry or Computer Science or Physics. On the off chance that you complete this four-year BSc, alongside an extra one-year MSc in Maths and Science Education, you are certify by the Teaching Council to show Mathematics and your second subject   to Leaving Certificate level.

Presently we likewise have a BSc in Theoretical Physics, which we share   mutually with Physics, and my associate Emma Sokell will speak more about that in her video.  So on the off chance that you’re one of those people who says look I truly like Maths   and I would truly prefer not to concentrate any of the Science subjects when I come to DN200, This wreck

of a slide is truly a method of persuading you that it is conceivable to come in First Year and   simply remain around there, and in reality various our current First Year understudies are doing precisely this. So in this manner you don’t need to contemplate Physics or Chemistry or Biology on the off chance that you would prefer not to. Again   similarly as a delineation, you don’t have to glance at this in detail, you can do all the centers for the

four degree programs I referenced toward the beginning and also study Physics, Biology and Chemistry and for sure toss in a bit of programming. So someone, for instance, who is contemplating these set-up of modules   in First Year can continue to the four Maths degrees I talked about or, undoubtedly, could go to   Physics, could go to Biology or could go to Physics or Biology, Maths and Education.

So you can remain wide or you can work in First Year, contingent upon what it is you’re keen on. Furthermore, that is the reason I’ve said the DN200 Science really suits a great deal of the diverse personality   types that I have here. Presently I’d prefer to give another alternative in case you’re here of Maths   and Business. You may have known about this all around, it’s DN230 Actuarial and Financial Studies

In 2020 the focuses were 601 and you need a H2 or higher in Leaving Certificate Maths.   My partner Andrew Smith, who himself worked as an statistician in industry for quite a while, has done   a video on this and I truly suggest you look at it in case you’re keen on it. However, here are just   a portion of the features of the degree program.

You get seven exceptions from the   the Institute and Faculty of Actuary assessments – six center standards and   one center practice test. There’s additionally a six-month placement remembered for Stage Three. Another   thing I truly need to cause you to notice is UCD offers a one-year MSc in Actuarial Science. By doing this bosses you can get up to six of the core head exclusions, so this experts is an

ideal way in case you’re keen on Actuarial and Financial Studies, yet you don’t know you want   to practice actually soon then you could just consider doing one of the DN200 Maths degrees   followed by the one-year MSc in Actuarial Science.

Or on the other hand in fact, assume you’re concerned that you’re not   going to get the focuses for Actuarial and Financial Studies and you’d like a reinforcement plan   then state a Maths degree through DN200 Maths, Applied Maths, Financial Maths, Statistics in DN200   followed by the MSc in Actuarial Science is a decent reinforcement plan to have.  So I have added Actuarial and Financial Studies alongside Financial Maths to

the Maths and Business stream.Now how about we go to this region here. So in case you’re keen on Maths or Statistics with subjects from the Arts and Humanities – so   Drama or English or French or one of the dialects, at that point you could consider   doing a BA in Arts and Humanities DN520. The focuses were 310 out of 2020 and for any   of the Maths degrees here we suggest you have a H4 or higher in Leaving Certificate   Maths.

I need to guide you toward page 26 of the UCD prospectus for the entirety of the diverse combinations.   The distinction here is you have a three-year degree and a joint distinctions degree   so you won’t go into Maths and Statistics in the same profundity as you would in DN200. In case you’re keen on Mathematics or Statistics yet with one of the subjects from the Social Sciences,

also, I guide your focus toward page 59 in the UCD prospectus for blends, at that point you may need to   think about DN700. It’s a long term degree. It was 418 points in 2020 and we suggest that you have a H4   or higher and Leaving Certificate Mathematics to concentrate any of the Maths or Statistics pathways. For the Maths and Business individuals, I need to just draw your thoughtfulness regarding a committed pathway inside

this degree program: the Economics, Mathematics and Statistics pathway. This is additionally a really   decent choice for those of you who are interested in Economics and Mathematics or Statistics, and it   mixes a truly solid establishment in Mathematics and Statistics with Economics in a very integrated   way. So that can likewise be a mainstream choice if you’re keen on Maths and Business. So I’ve truly rounded out the greater part of this structure here, I’ve recently got a couple of I need to attract your attention   to.

I’ve likewise included DN670, the Economics and Finance program offered by the School of Business.   In 2020 it was 613 focuses and you need a H4 or higher in Leaving Certificate Maths. Myself or my associates would be glad to talk you through the subtleties and talk you through   these various projects to perceive what may be best for you. Obviously I’ve additionally brought up

that in the event that you’d prefer to be a Maths instructor you can complete a Maths degree followed by a two-year   Professional Master’s in Education. What I have here is only elite of a portion of the occupation titles   that our ongoing alumni have, alongside some of the spots where they’ve wound up and I will   bring up that a number likewise go on to study to PhD concentrates in establishments around the world.

It stays just to remind you to please register at, that way you won’t miss   out on whatever we put out on any of the degrees that I’ve expressed about. On the off chance that you’re   keen on DN200 science or BAFs (Actuarial and Financial Studies) – I’d truly prefer to draw   your consideration regarding the tester address occasion on the 30 January. Other than that, I want you   to enjoy all that life has to offer in the Leaving Certificateand I truly look forward ideally seeing   you in UCD, examining one of our projects, if not one year from now, the next year. Much obliged to you.

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