Technology Information Session Diesel & Heavy Equipment!!

hi everyone my name is Jaime Flajole i’m the consultant for the diesel and weighty equipment   program at south seattle school today we’ll go over some broad data that you may be   inquisitive about for that program so at south seattle when you’re considering taking a shot at diesel you   may consider semi-trucks yet it is much more than that um you can consider whatever has

a diesel motor so that may be a vehicle on a train um with a refrigerated truck on it for instance um   it very well may be a marine specialty um so any of the more seasoned pixies that you see so frequently in seattle will have   diesel motors uh ranch gear has diesel motor the turbines the breeze turbines out in eastern

washington there will be ranch hardware obviously that has diesel motors so it’s a lot   something beyond the semi street we have a solid um boss relationship with this program and we   truly endeavor to get our understudies utilized low maintenance while they’re taking this program   by their second quarter of the program so that you’re getting the experience

in the diesel study hall but at the same time you’re going out into industry and getting genuine experience   there now our class time is a mixture class time implying that you will have instruction   on the web but at the same time you will have two days of in-person guidance at south seattle school

it would be ideal if you pause for a minute you can stop this video to peruse more about our office at south seattle this program is going keep going for eighteen months we start this program each fall quarter   and as referenced before this is a mixture model so you’re going to have two days

every week where you’re coming face to face from seven AM until 3 30 in   the evening with the remainder of your guidance being on the web we accept that this model really   permits you greater adaptability on the off chance that you would like to get that low maintenance work in the diesel industry   this allows you three days out of each week work days of the week that you can   work outside of doing school it additionally allows you the ends of the week so there’s a ton of adaptability there

so here’s instances of spots where our understudies have proceeded to work in the wake of finishing this program   we additionally here in the center have recorded some normal compensations so obviously midpoints are not   what you’d procure beginning consider this more like five to seven years after you get that first

work your normal compensation every year and the puget sound territory will be around 53 000 for each year   and afterward in the event that you have high abilities in this industry it will be more around 78 000 for every year   this program as I referenced is 18 months this is a breakdown of what you will realize

each quarter um so in the primary quarter this is acquaintance second quarter is   going with be electrical second from last quarter will be your guiding suspension and brakes   um please again on the off chance that you’d prefer to peruse this simply delay the   video here so you can peruse more insights regarding that guidance

your final quarter will go into diesel motors and afterward the fifth quarter will be your pneumatics   and drivetrain notwithstanding the diesel classes that you see recorded here you’re likewise going to be   needed to finish one numerical class one english class and one human relations class outside   of the class times that have been recently recorded those classes will be basically on the web on the off chance that you classes any inquiries or might want more data about how to join up with this program   please contact. much obliged to you for observing today.

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