there are a ton of california fires going on right¬†now this is really the tone outside here’s the¬†¬† sky and afterward i’m in the san francisco airport¬†now it’s not so much as a shade of what it used to be¬†¬† we are going to felitas see¬†what it resembles during colgan so

this eatery is incredibly frightened about cloven alright i’m headed to the air terminal first i¬†have to take bart which is a train it’s kind¬†¬† of like a metro in the sound zone california¬†and in one hour I will be in san francisco and afterward I have my flight to¬†minnesota to go get together with OK i’m in the san francisco air terminal now i’m¬†gonna show you a smidgen about how it is

presently during pine for so i’ve been to the¬†san francisco air terminal 1,000 times¬†¬† in light of the fact that that is the place where i’m from that is my home¬†airport and it’s insane the measure of individuals here¬†¬† it’s not so much as a shade of what it used¬†to be and furthermore i’m going to search for a few

espresso however wherever is by all accounts shut almost everything I need some espresso how about we discover some place goodness so gee try not to contact your mouth eyes and nose cover with the tissue when you hack or sneeze   utilize their affliction sacks found in the seat back pocket before

you to discard any things thank¬†you for your consideration and thanks¬†¬† again for flying with us we’ll be back¬†with more insights concerning the present flight airplane just showed up in minneapolis¬†never been to minnesota before¬†¬† we should go look at it hello folks so i’ve been¬†in san francisco or in the san francisco inlet

zone where i’m from for the last three and a¬†half weeks and lindsay has been in minnesota¬†¬† wednesday my sweetheart as i’m going to¬†minnesota at the present time however I needed to show you¬†¬† truly brisk only a few clasps that I took¬†while I was home this is the thing that i’ve been doing acceptable morning folks I only woke¬†up to a yellow shade out my window

as you would have heard there are a lot¬†of california fires going on right now¬†¬† a great deal of smoke noticeable all around and take a¬†look at this it watches insane out there this is really the shade outside no filter¬†¬† here’s the sky and afterward look on this¬†side it simply gets hazier and more obscure so it’s as of now eight in the first part of the day and¬†it’s as yet dull it’s actually similar to it’s six in¬†¬† the morning that is what it resembles I don’t¬†know if it will get any more splendid today

wow and look our pool it would appear that there’s ash¬†all over in it how about we check whether you can see this¬†¬† see that see each one of those dark bits take a gander at this every one of those every one of those dark pieces that is all ash¬†i’ve never observed that so folks it looks like¬†¬† I went from a canvassed lockdown in peru to a¬†california fire lockdown here in california it’s not beneficial to go outside¬†right now and inhale the entirety of this in¬†¬† so despite the fact that we at long last got home¬†i am kept to my home little room in

a house since i’m as of now in isolate in¬†a path for 10 or 14 days something to that effect so incredible wow I haven’t been in minnesota previously so this is¬†gonna be fun and furthermore we have a wedding so we’re¬†¬† going to go on a little excursion to south dakota so¬†we’re going to look at minneapolis different spots in¬†¬† minnesota south dakota it’s going to be a decent little¬†trip for half a month actually have the signs all over¬†¬† like this stay away wherever all right¬†i’m hanging tight for lindsay so how about we talk genuine speedy

so i’ll be here for the following not many weeks¬†lindsay needs to remain in her old neighborhood for¬†¬† the following a month and a half so i’m going to go somewhere¬†and begin voyaging and shooting it for you guys¬†¬† don’t have the foggiest idea where yet we’re going to take a look¬†tonight and i’m going to pick some place to go¬†¬† some place on the planet it very well may be anyplace let me¬†know where you figure I ought to go and afterward lindsay

will get together with me either in the country¬†that I go to or in another nation after that¬†¬† so where should we go leave your remarks beneath welcome to minnesota alex has never been to¬†minnesota it’s acceptable to be here first time¬†¬† ever we haven’t seen each other for an entire month¬†all right I have an amazement for alex I made him¬†¬† sans gluten brownies goodness wow that is magnificent what’s¬†the last time you got a brownie like a year

presumably and I got them a frosted espresso whoa¬†starbucks thank you my pleasure that is awesome¬†¬† figured you’d be parched this is¬†perfect this resembles the ideal flavor¬†¬† wow amazing thank you my pleasure so¬†we’re going to pass through the city and

I have a recognize that i’m going to take alex for dinner¬†that i’ve never been that i’ve been needing to try¬†¬† this is insane we’re similar to in the road¬†kind of where she does air terminal pickup and in san¬†¬† francisco where i’m from you were unable to do this¬†for five seconds or they make you move or ticket¬†¬† you or like generally there’s kin patrolling¬†like immediately in the event that you stop for more than like

30 seconds however right currently there’s nobody so it’s¬†like upheld up as far as possible individuals are simply halted wow this is minnesota a ton of you have¬†probably not seen minnesota ever you¬†¬† presumably think nothing about it so hopefully¬†we’ll have the option to give you some fun facts¬†¬† and show you some cool places it’s the state of¬†ten thousand lakes and alex came at the best time

of year it’s harvest time thus the leaves are changing¬†colors at this moment and it’s wonderful all right¬†¬† we’re going to become more acquainted with one another again listen¬†to some music and we’ll converse with you all soon good we just showed up we are going to calitas¬†which is a mexican spot however it’s very like¬†¬† current and they have stunning food and drinks¬†i’ve never been nevertheless we’re going to check it out¬†¬† we’ll see what it resembles during coven OK we’re going to kolita lindsay’s been¬†wanting to eat here and my treat I get to

eat here my first feast and look¬†it resembles a cool little place¬†¬† with string lights outside¬†and fires so we’re going here there’s a caf√© okay I need to leave the eatery so¬†this eatery is extremely terrified about coven¬†¬† so I acquired starbucks cup and they said¬†that I can’t be in the caf√© with it¬†¬† and I have this quite a bit of it so i’m not gonna¬†chug it yet we’re taking a seat at a table and

they’re making me take it to the vehicle or¬†throw it away however lindsay just purchased this¬†¬† they can’t let me drink a starbucks cup¬†before we eat in any event, for five minutes¬†¬† so i’m going to walk right to the car¬†now and put this in there the other thing is

individuals can remove their mouse to eat in that¬†restaurant yet on the off chance that you take it off to eat and¬†¬†, at that point the worker stops by you need to put it back¬†on only for her to come anyplace approach the table¬†¬† so you can’t pour your water or anything¬†you need to put on your cover again¬†¬† this is the first occasion when that lindsay or I have seen¬†this out of the apparent multitude of spots we’ve gone normally when

you’re eating you’re permitted to remove your mask¬†like that is exactly how it is yet not in this spot I get it they’re simply being protected yet I just¬†wanted to disclose it to you all we’re not mad¬†¬† it’s simply intriguing something¬†to share with you all today around evening time have your encounters been similar to that I mean¬†at least the eatery is open they could

have recently shut down so being protected taking precautions we should return to the restaurant   alright and afterward what might resemble the second half so this spot is somewhat known for their   fun beverages this one accompanies an elastic ducky and shower bomb this is known as the stripped danny

blanco tequila lime fermented tea savelle seville¬†liquor orange mature how about we check it out gracious that is pungent that is only that goodness that’s¬†good we should attempt this bare person copper straw taste the froth it’s simply salt pungent froth simply this cloud of¬†salt definitely that helps me a ton to remember a margarita¬†¬† it possesses a flavor like a vibrato¬†yeah great and afterward I got¬†¬† a sangria it’s a white sangria looks like¬†it has some dried oranges in it and afterward i’m¬†¬† not certain what these are they nearly look like¬†little peppercorns little berries or something

lindsey requested for me so I didn’t get to read¬†what it really is nevertheless sangria is in every case great definitely so sangria resembles a wine like a wine¬†with organic product blended into it essentially OK so¬†¬† it has a vino verde ginger peach botanicals¬†and flavors so it’s somewhat fancy a little¬†¬† zesty somewhat fruity simply has all of¬†these flavors in the event that you don’t care for wine

you’ll actually like sangria since I know there’s¬†a parcel of flavors in it great what amount was it goodness actually no doubt this is 10. wow so this is ten dollars and¬†lindsay’s stripped kid it’s 13¬†¬† would you be able to accept that peruvians¬†who are still watching¬†¬† that is a great deal the number of performances the number of soles would¬†that be it’s sort of like multiple times so mine would¬†¬† be around 40 soles about that and lindsay’s would¬†be around 50 soys for one beverage wow how adorable is

this we have a little elastic ducky remembrance now from our first date in minnesota together so this is our chips and salsa in the event that you can accept it¬†¬† everything’s truly costly here the greatest chip you’ll actually observe so we just got chips and plunges this is minneapolis¬†¬† never observed the city we’ll be indicating you folks before long expected to be an amazing city so this is the bean that they’re getting right now¬†¬† the towns around here they meet up to proceed with the convention utilizing old procedures.

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